There is no God

Well, if God doesn’t exist, who’s laughing at us?
— Fyodor Dostoyevsky


Chelsea Smile / Bring Me The Horizon
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You were poison. I knew you were poison, and yet night after night I found myself drinking you in.
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All this time
I drank you like the cure when maybe
you were the poison.

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I sat half-dressed on his bed, as he laid on the floor body shaking from withdrawal. He wasn’t addicted to pills, what you find in little baggies, or booze. No; he was addicted to me. He’d whispered in my ear once, professing his love, and my body coiled up like a cobra. My teeth began to leak venom, and my mind turned dark. He made one wrong move, and I sunk my poison into his veins. He mainlined me straight to his heart. He’s addicted to me now, but I’m leaving him tonight.
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Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.

Observe the wonders as they occur around you.
Don’t claim them. Feel the artistry
moving through, and be silent.

Rumi (via thatkindofwoman)

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What do you call a feminist who doesn’t want a daughter? A woman more willing to birth a man to rule than a woman to serve. 

She couldn’t have made an effort

They say, whispering
Behind their dupattas
Hands cupped over dissaproving lips
That have villified many an innocent soul
They think—
No wait. They decided
They decided that I never took the time 
The time to love You 
But God knows they were wrong, so wrong
I loved You when You weren’t hurling arrows at my soul
You were always the perfect archer 
Useless bitch, between clenched jaws
I loved You when You left me notes on Your way out
Poetry about the smell of my hair
Can’t You do anything right
Your clenched fist on my jaw twice broken
Twisted arm, hair ripped off my skull 
The skull You primely introduced to the iron box one day
Merely confirmed those initial sentiments
I loved Your dimples, Your stubble, the way You laughed 
And in the rare occasion when You slipped in public,
Hushed voices would murmur
That relationship is headed to the rocks 
Along with my face; I can attest to that
What, You might ask, did I get in return
After six years of hesitation, humiliation  
A child four years of age whose psyche can never be repaired 
Because even Mama gets painful flashbacks
That no psychiatrist, no drug and no prayer can rid me of 
Its not easy to leave a man
Who asked You ever so kindly to put Your degree on hold
Promised to take care of You, love You
And then raped You raw 
Because he knew he was Your only ticket to a meal for dinner
I knew that if I left him it would scrape my knees;
Grovelling for my next meal
My daughter would be forced to know how it feels
To be so hungry Your core screams
And to be deemed worthless because her mother was unmarried
I don’t have a car anymore, no nice clothes 
Family members to turn to, “community members” they call them
But at least I’m not tempted 
To hide under the bed, clutching that knife 
Sweating and shaking and scheming
To gouge out his heart 
Too bad women who kill their husbands
Do twenty years in jail with wardens
Who look, smell, think just like him
And I have to repair a four year old who saw the wrath of hell in the nursery one day

I like how You think 

That navy blue 
Bullet proof 
Heavy duty 
Item of cowardice you wear 
So proudly
Medals of honour 
Fabric badges 
Will make me respect You
Someone once told me 
People like You are human too
Every time my lips part 
To scream
Clenched teeth 
You twist my arm behind my back
No rights
Only responsibilities
Navy blue 
I have to maintain order
Call You Sir
As You rip down our walls 
Canisters of paraffin 
And a matchbox
Scream too loudly 
And I might wake the neigbours up
Before they figure out why You’re here 
I don’t believe in clubs
Just words 
Clenched teeth 
You twist my arm behind my back 
And I know the only way 
Is to knock You the fuck out